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Delta Sigma Chi
International Chiropractic Fraternity


If you are someone who loves our fraternity, helping others and serving chiropractic being a Representative is an opportunity made for you.

As a Representative you play a vital role in our fraternity.  Representatives will be bringing information about the events, threats and opportunities to an annual meeting for the purpose of identifying the status of chiropractic in the US, Canada and around the world.  The Annual Convention of Representatives will be one of the most powerful gatherings of chiropractors committed to offer service and support to the founding principles of chiropractic.

As a Representative you will be the contact person for brothers graduating from chiropractic colleges and universities who are coming into their state, province or region.  This is a vital and important role to be able to facilitate their transition from student to practicing chiropractor.

Representatives will be selected by criteria of practice success, influence on chiropractic and leadership positions you hold or have held in chiropractic organizations.  The link below will allow you to complete and submit your information.  You will be notified within one week about your confirmation to be a Representative.