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History of Xi Chapter (Inactive)

By: Joshua “Decoy” Haskin

I had first heard of Delta Sigma Chi from Dr. Paul “G.I.P.R.” Sorchy II before I started at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange, Florida. I had been trying to gather more information on how to get a Chapter started at Palmer Florida until I met Dr. Michelle Sabra at a Dynamic Essentials seminar in Atlanta, GA in July of 2010. When in casual conversation on the last day of the seminar she told me that she was good friends with Dr. Jerry “V.A.S.T.” Klein. She dialed his number right then and Dr. Klein and I talked about what I needed to do to petition to start a Chapter at Palmer Florida. Dr. Klein had told me that there was another person on my campus that was also trying to start a Chapter of Delta Sigma Chi on my campus but he didn't know his name. Dr. Klein told me that in one weeks time the Grand Council was to have it's annual meeting in Davenport, IA and that I had to submit the petition before then or else it would have to wait another year before it would be considered. My task was simple, talk to as many guys on my campus that wanted to bring a Chapter to Palmer Florida and submit the signed petition before the Grand Council was to meet at the Alpha Grand Chapter.

On the ride home from Atlanta, Matt Glass, Alex Lopatnyuk, and I talked about the best way to go about getting guys interested in starting our new Chapter of Delta Sigma Chi. Matt Glass had told me that he had already scheduled to speak at a class about ChiropracTIC and Dynamic Essentials and that I should come listen (this was the day after we returned from Atlanta). After Matt Glass's presentation he introduced me to Rick Means II, the other student that had been trying to start a Chapter at Palmer Florida. It was then when Rick Means II, Matt Glass, and myself had decided that we would talk to as many guys that we thought were straight and invite them to talk about starting the petition process with us. Later that day after classes had let out, we all met at the orchard (now where building 3 stands) on campus and talked about who would be interested in following through with the petition process. Among the gentlemen present, those that had committed were: Rick Means II, Dave Hausmann, Alex Lopatnyuk, Joshua Haskin, Matt Glass, and three other men.

Some time after the annual Grand Council meeting at Alpha Grand Chapter, I was contacted by Dr. Anthony “3-Peat” Woolever (Grand Council Recording Secretary) about the next step in the process. Many more conversations had taken place after that with Dr. Woolever and the group of gentlemen that were still interested. There were five left committed when the time had come to travel to the Alpha Grand Chapter in Davenport, IA to pledge the Delta Sigma Chi: Rick Means II, Dave Hausmann, Alex Lopatnyuk, Matt Glass, and Joshua Haskin. This was during our ten day break between the summer and fall quarters. When our plane touched down in Moline, IL Matt Glass had received a voice mail message telling him that his best friend's mother had just been admitted to the hospital and she was very ill. This woman was like a mother to Matt Glass. Three days later she passed away and Matt Glass was forced to make the decision to stop the process with us and go to the funeral back home. We had all taken this hard and we then had to make a decision, to stay and attempt to finish the process without him or go home with him and come back again. After we all talked it over we decided that this was the time to bring this Chapter to Palmer Florida and if we didn't do it then, it might not get started at all. That night, it was very difficult and emotional for all of us to report on the line with out our Pledge Brother, Matt Glass. Matt “Slider” Glass would later cross in the spring 2011 class at Xi Chapter in Port Orange, FL.

The four of us crossed the Third Degree at Alpha Grand Chapter on October 3rd, 2010 and the Xi Chapter of the Delta Sigma Chi Fraternity was born on October 4th, 2010. The inaugural class would be Rick “Mopal” Means II, Dave “Quake” Hausmann, Alex “Purge” Lopatnyuk, and Joshua “Decoy” Haskin.

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