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Palmer Mansion - Davenport Iowa

Delt 100 Alumni Council, founded in 2001, is the ownership group for the Delta Sigma Chi mansion located in Davenport, IA. This group creates a buffer layer between one of the fraternity’s primary assets and any potential litigation against the chapter.

In 2017, we will be transitioning from a for profit partnership organization to an official non-profit organization. This will allow all contributions towards Delt 100 to be a charitable donations and therefore a tax write-off.

Our mission is to preserve and maintain the historical integrity and structure of the Parker-Ficke Mansion (Delta Sigma Chi home). The last several years has saw a great collaboration between the Council and the students in improving many facets of the property including an improved back staircase and further encompassing fence around the poolside area. The new fence with its added security features will further protect us from various liabilities.

There are numerous benefits of continuing to own the mansion. We currently lease it to Alpha chapter who then conducts much of their business from the location. DSCbooks.com, One of the biggest financial resources and most important jobs of the fraternity, is operated in a dedicated room. If we transitioned away from the mansion, we would lose much of the ability to operate and maintain DSC books efficiently. Another massive benefit is reduced rent for the students while attending Palmer. We, also, hold a great deal of annual Lyceum festivities here including the brotherhood luncheon. One final important purpose is the preservation of fraternity artifacts. If there were no mansion, we would be forced to put all the historical artifacts in a storage shed for no one to see.

With the recent separation of Delt 100 and Grand Council, we have lost quite a few members. IF we had 167 brothers contributing $10/mo, we could pay off the mortgage in under 5 years. Given the number of alumni we have, we should be able to achieve this goal. We encourage you to not only pay your Grand Council dues but also contribute towards Delt 100 to maintain this resource and asset for the fraternity.

In brotherhood,

Delt 100 Alumni Council


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