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Pay Dues


If you previously paid your dues through the Delt 100 please read the message from the Treasurer below.

Update your Card Information:

If you would like to update your credit/debit card information you may do so by following this link.

Dues Categories:

  • Academic: any brother employed by a chiropractic college
  • Senior: any brother 65+
  • Supportive/Affiliate: not pertinent to brothers
  • First/Second Year of Graduation: Self explanatory
  • Active: All Brothers who do not fit into one of the other categories

* All monthly options are payable on the 5th of the Month with Credit Card or Debit Card automatic payments.

*** Twenty percent (20%) of all dues income is used to fund an Endowment Fund to insure the Sustainability and the Perpetuity of Delta Sigma Chi. Thank you for your contribution.

A message from the treasurer:

Delt 100 dues are now separate from Grand Council dues. This became necessary as Delt 100 transitions to an official non-profit organization. There are a few other benefits, but that is the primary one.

If you are currently paying Delt 100, you NEED to sign up for a new payment for Grand Council dues on this page. If you still wish to contribute to Delt 100, you can maintain the same level of contributions or lower it. There are options for $5-35 increments. 2017 will be the first year these contributions are officially tax deductible. Since we are eliminating the partnership, you'll have your contribution statement by the end of January. Therefore, we won't be waiting on the IRS to release the updated K-1 form ultimately delaying the ability to do your corporate or personal taxes.

Also, as you can tell, we are no longer using PayPal. Again, there are a variety of reasons. The most notable is the ability for our members to select their membership type and then annual or monthly. There are also some accounting advantages associated with this change. The new payment option is still an auto-debit so really no different than PayPal.

Please click the button below to be taken to the Delt 100 page.

Delt 100