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History of Pi Chapter

By Alexander Brand (Brother Bunker)

When I first got in touch with chiropractic, I did not realize a quarter of it’s full potential. All I wanted to do was to find myself.

Stuck in a van in the middle of nowhere – Welcome to Australia. After spending two months living with aborigines in the desert, all the paradigms like living the German dream – hard work, find a wife and pray to God – made no sense anymore. Life was easy and intuitive. Everything that held me back was the system I lived in.

While surfing the internet to find something I could do after my trip, I found an article about “principle based chiropractic.” All I read fit exactly to my new self. I was in love… Something in my head had changed since then.

One great thing about our German Chiropractic College is the chance to have endless discussions on philosophy with older students. This is how I was introduced to David Morton and the rest of the men who have become brothers. I never had so much fun, arguing about the stuff I learned in class. We never stopped since then.

One day David called me and wanted to talk about Delta Sigma Chi. It was a sunny afternoon and I just arrived at my parents home. He told me about Michael Hollerbach, a brother of the Lambda Chapter, who he met at the World Congress of Chiropractic Students, and of the big opportunity to join the brotherhood. Lauritz Wielert, David Shamaie, Lukas Gemeinder and Nick Staude were also invited the same day.

I borrowed 2,000 Euros from my parents without knowing what to expect and not able to explain what I was going to do with the money and why it was necessary for chiropractic.

The rest is the history of the Pi Chapter. We flew to San Francisco, met the Brothers of the Nu Chapter and began the pledge process. We all agreed. This process was one of the hardest things we have ever went through and yet we loved everyone involved in the pledge process. As our dream came true, we traveled to Palmer College in Davenport Iowa and were initiated into the fraternity by brothers of the Alpha Chapter. The Alpha Chapter took a picture of the six of us after initiation. I was the happiest person on earth… “There is little satisfaction to be gained from doing things that hold no difficulties…”

Each of us realized how important this step was as we grew together as a team and as individuals. Today I can say confidently that every day in Australia, every discussion about chiropractic, every Euro for the plane tickets, every tear was worth it many times over. The certainty about my future and the feeling of being a part of something meaningful is priceless.

As much as we needed something like Delta Sigma Chi, Germany does too. Hundreds of chiropractors work for themselves and fight against each other in order to protect what they believe. They don’t connect. They are separated. Delta Sigma Chi can be their lighthouse and bring them closer together. What we want to achieve in Germany is to build a strong network of principled Chiropractors with an excellent communication and organizations. This I expect to bring our profession back to life…

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