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The Roots of Chiropractic are in Davenport, Iowa, where DD and BJ Palmer laid the foundation to an incredible movement in the early 20th century that would change healthcare and humanity forever.

It is in Davenport, Iowa where we go back every year, to BJ Palmer’s LYCEUM.  Each year, BJ would gather thousands of Chiropractors to share with them the latest advances in technology and applications of the art.  The root of everything that guided him towards these advances was the Chiropractic Philosophy.

BJ Palmer was a proud member of Delta Sigma Chi, and so we continue on this tradition in his honor, and out of necessity.  We need to make sure people are learning Chiropractic, plain and simple.

In the last few years, our program has taken significant steps forward to achieve our one and true mandate:  to teach the Chiropractor and the student what they never learned about Chiropractic.

Today at Lyceum, we teach:  

  • The Founding Principles of Chiropractic taught through the textbooks, with emphasis placed on why they are relevant in practice and application today.
  • The Science of Chiropractic:  the latest in research, trends and applications, focusing anatomy, physiology, neurology all through evidence-based approaches
  • The Rationale, Analysis and Correction of the Subluxation
  • The Rationale for Pediatric Chiropractic Care, and practical applications
  • The Basics in Practice Success, including principles in Leadership, Communication, Management and Success

We offer CE credits (check the registration page for latest details) in addition to a great weekend of community and celebration of our roots.

This event is open and we welcome everyone!  This event is not only for members of Delta Sigma Chi.