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History of Mu Chapter

In 1982, after retiring from the practice of law, Rodney Phelps decided to pursue a career in Chiropractic. Although considering attending Palmer College, Rodney was referred to Texas College of Chiropractic by Dr. Elvin Blackwell of Dallas, Texas. Rodney began classes at TCC in the fall of 1982 and was elected to be the class president. At the time Rodney considered pledging Gamma Chapter of Delta Sigma Chi at TCC but could not due to time constraints.

In the spring of 1983, after TCC lost their accreditation, Rodney transferred to Life College and pledged the Lambda Chapter of Delta Sigma Chi. Because of his previous law career he was given the Brother name of “Perry Mason.” Rodney became frustrated with the class size (600 plus) at Life College and the struggle just to find a seat in class and decided to transfer to Parker College which at the time was located in an old church in downtown Irving, Texas.

Upon his arrival at Parker College, Rodney was offered a work-scholarship position as Assistant to the President, Dr. James W. “Sparky” Parker, who had pledged Delta Sigma Chi at Palmer and was given the Brother name Sparky because he was so short like a spark plug but very energetic.

Rodney and Dr. Parker discussed the idea of starting a chapter of Delta Sigma Chi at PCC. Dr. Parker agreed and Rodney sent the Charter pledge class consisting of five candidates of Mu Chapter to Davenport, Iowa over the Christmas Break 1984. Rodney stayed in Texas working as Parker’s “minimum wage attorney,” tasked with helping Parker College get their accreditation and could not get time away from his work scholarship obligations to take the pledge class to Davenport.

The five pledges went to Davenport in a compact pickup truck with an aluminum camper shell over the bed of the truck, taking turns who rode in the back (it was the dead of winter and needless to say, freezing cold). When they arrived in Iowa at Palmer College a Charter was issued and a very intense four day pledge process began.

The first Ritual of Mu Chapter Initiated Tim Benner, Walter “Andre the Giant” Parish, Bob “Ferret” Faber, James “Kegger” Kirklin and Gary Lloyd. There have been many successful pledge processes over the past 25 years and Brothers will fondly remember Trinity River Bottom.

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