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Preceptorships, Associate Positions & Practices for Sale

As our brothers are entering their last year of chiropractic education they are beginning to look for practice opportunities.


Preceptorships & Peak Programs

Some of the chiropractic colleges and universities have preceptorships or peak programs for students who have completed their clinical requirements to spend their last term working in the office of a chiropractor.  Chiropractors can be approved for accepting these students and give the student an opportunity to be involved in practice as a part of their clinical education.  This is an opportunity for Delts to connect student and alumni and this program is another benefit of being a Delt.

Associate Positions

Many of the student brothers graduating from chiropractic colleges or universities do not have the resources financially to begin their own practice and benefit from the ability to work in a practice as an associate without the need for startup capital.  Associate positions have become the norm in our profession and many successful chiropractors are able to provide service to more patients by adding associates to their practice.

The relationships have become so successful that many chiropractors chose to remain associates are as successful as an associate as they would be in their own practice.  Whether you would like to be an associate for a short time or make it your career to work in a busy successful practice has become another practice opportunity.

Many Delts are looking for Associates and if this is a relationship suitable for you as a graduating chiropractor this program will provide the necessary connection between a graduating Delt and an alumni Delt looking for Associates.

Practices for Sale

As our Delt brothers are ready to retire from practice or move from one location to another practices become available.  These practices may be owner financed or may be purchased through business loans.  This is an amazing opportunity for graduating Delts with the burden of student loans.

Being able to step into a practice, which is already profitable can save you the time necessary to market in the first years of a startup practice.  This is another practice opportunity.

Delt Practice Opportunities