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History of Omicron Chapter

On June 23rd, 2014 six men from Sherman College of Chiropractic made a twelve hour journey to Davenport, Iowa with the hope of becoming members of the Delta Sigma Chi Fraternity. What made them interested in joining was the allure of all the members of the fraternity that made a significant impact on chiropractic and being with likeminded people who wanted to protect the philosophy of chiropractic. After arriving at the mansion at 3 am they rested before their journey into the organization began. On June 24th the orientation process officially began. During the process the men got to know each other better and they got to know the brothers of Alpha Chapter better. The orientation process proved difficult with many physical and mental challenges, however, with help and guidance of their chosen big brothers they were able to overcome all of the obstacles that were presented to them. On July 4th, 2014 Rocco Crapis, Hector Morales, Tim Hartman, Sean Hickman, Jim Punghorst, and Nicholas Frigiola completed the orientation process and officially became brothers of the Delta Sigma Chi Fraternity, thus giving birth to the Chapter known as Omicron located in Spartanburg, SC. These brothers returned to Sherman College of Chiropractic with a mission to spread unadulterated straight chiropractic to the masses.

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