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Pledge Pin

Pledge Pin

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When researching the reviving of our fraternal jewelry, only 2 pieces were in the original manufacturers database for our items, this being one of them. This item was previously used in identifying yourself as a pledge of the Delta Sigma Chi.

An inverted pentagram design in blue and gold, this piece is a nod to the ‘Alpha Chapter’ Delts. It includes a ‘Wyvern’, or mythical creature with a dragon's head and wings, a reptilian body with two legs and a tail often ending in a diamond or arrow shaped tip. The wyvern is a frequent charge in English heraldry and vexillology. This figure is also seen in the Palmer Family crest. In ‘The Science of Chiropractic’ (Green Book Volume I, Page 55) B.J. Palmer writes that there are 45 different coat of arms that have been given to the Palmer family throughout history, and the one they adopted was a reproduction of one of their ancestors, Geoffrey Palmer, who was made a ‘baronet’ in the year 1760. Display Palmer historical and fraternal pride with this item.

This item is 14k gold plated.

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