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  • 1950's Red Cross Badge
  • Red Cross Badge

1950's Red Cross Badge

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Once again discovered on E-Bay but this time by Dr. Haydn ‘Buzz’ Powell Jr., this is a fraternal piece that many brothers from the time recognize as authentic Delt jewelry.

During that time, brothers would often pin their girlfriends with these when they were ‘going steady’. One brother who bought this item related a story about losing his original item when he and his girlfriend broke up! Happy to fill that order! This item includes an image of hands put together to adjust, and the ‘crescent moon’ image borrowed from the Palmer crest. According to English heraldry, the crescent ‘…signifies one who has been enlightened and honored by the gracious aspect of his sovereign…’. More on the Palmer crest in the ‘Pledge Pin’ description. Can be ordered plain, or with stones and pearls.

This item is 14k gold plated.

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