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“It’s GREAT to be a DELT”

Thank you for paying dues!

Many of my best memories of chiropractic school were with brothers in the fraternity; we played together, got in trouble together and made it through the chiropractic education process together. Now on the other side of that experience we have become Doctors of Chiropractic! We have families! Life has changed!  

There has been very little connection between brothers after graduation. The current leadership of our fraternity would like to change that, creating more opportunities for brothers to gather and share experiences of practice and family at Regional Gatherings and to have Brother’s get together at Meetings and Conventions. There is already collaboration happening between brothers about practice, technique, economics and family life.  

We are using a portion of the dues income to create an annual meeting, a gathering of brothers, some of whom will represent States, Provinces or International Regions. You are welcome to become a representative and to attend the meetings of the Grand Council at these annual meetings to connect with brothers from your chapter and with brothers from other chapters and to participate in our quest to provide leadership for the chiropractic profession.  

20% of all Dues fund a Delta Sigma Chi Endowment fund to create sustainability for our future and to insure our ability to protect and promulgate the founding principles of chiropractic. This Endowment will continue to grow year after year and only be used in a crisis or emergency threatening our fraternity.  

The Chapters are currently thriving with strong membership and assuming leadership positions in many areas of their colleges & universities. The Grand Council has a new Committee for Leadership & Development to create weekend programs to help the transition from academics to practice.  

As a dues-paying brother you will have access to the Official Delta Sigma Chi Facebook page and will have your practice listing appear on the map of brothers used to refer patients to other brothers. You already receive Delta Sigma Chi Newsletters on alternating months: one gives you news of the chapters and the other news of alumni activities.  

And a final reminder: “It’s not what you get, it’s what you give, not who you are, but how you live...”

Thank you for supporting our magnificent fraternity!

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