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Message from the President

ankur tayal

It is with great honour that I accept the role of President of my favourite organization on the planet – the Delta Sigma Chi Professional Chiropractic Fraternity.

I’ve been a member of this great organization for 14 years now and my affinity for it gets stronger by the day. The mission of DSC is to unite students and practitioners in the field to support the founding principles of specific scientific chiropractic.

Founded in 1913, our members have included greats like Clarence Gonstead, William Blair, Galen Price, John Grostic, Herbert Ross Reaver, Fred Barge, Robert Brooks, Christopher Kent and BJ Palmer himself. By standing on these shoulders, we dig deep into the tenets of chiropractic and support our members in bringing advancement to the profession, which in turn allows us to help more people in this world.

The strength of the organization lies in the “brotherhood”. Any organization can come together and do work for a common purpose – in this case our profession – but the “bonds of brotherhood” take it to a whole extra level. Brotherhood comes with support, accountability, growth and friendship. Committing to an organization of common purpose allows us to be part of a team bigger than ourselves. Coming together with great people for the purpose of advancing the profession so we can help more people? Well, it doesn’t get much better than that!

We value brotherhood, personal growth and professional development, as our members support each other in our home lives and our practices. We value research and education, as we have members teaching in chiropractic colleges and we have members producing chiropractic research. We value strategy and leadership, as we have members in important positions in various political organizations. Most of all, we value each other and our members make each other better for it.

With just over 100 years behind us, I look forward to the future. I look forward to building the profession through common purpose and passion. I look forward to working with men that have been practicing for 60 years and how we can work together with students and new graduates to influence the future. I am proud of our brotherhood and look forward to what we can accomplish together!

Thank you to all the Brothers of Delta Sigma Chi, and to all of our supporters. This truly is a special time for the Delta Sigma Chi community, and I look forward to serving the fraternity we love!