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Message from the President

Robert Brooks - President

I have been given the opportunity to serve and to lead Delta Sigma Chi as we enter a time when offering service and support to the inherent values and the founding principles of chiropractic are not only needed, but necessary.

Whether you are a chiropractic student, a brother still in school or a graduate brother, I welcome you to our website and to the mission and values driving our fraternity.

Founded in 1913 to keep chiropractic straight and unadulterated with Greek letters representing Doctors of Straight Chiropractic we have seen many eras and transitions in our profession.  We have held many positions of leadership in Chiropractic Colleges and Universities and in organizations whose decisions have continued the traditions and heritage of the 33 Principles underpinning our work.

Our students and doctors are focused on patient care primarily, but we are also interested in the direction of our profession.  We understand the necessity of being involved and making a difference on local, national and international decisions affecting the future of chiropractic and the need to provide this magnificent service to the patients we serve.

If you are a student, not yet a brother, consider speaking to someone about pledging.  There is information about pledging in the membership tab.  If you are a brother still in chiropractic school consider taking leadership roles in organizations in your school.

Following the planning session in Seattle in April of 2016 our fraternity is being reorganized and has a new focus on brotherhood after graduation.

We realized few opportunities were available for brothers after graduation and we realized the bond of brotherhood gives us the opportunity for our fraternity to take a leadership role in our beloved chiropractic profession.

To do this we have new bylaws with new member designations, committee structures to accomplish the dreams, hopes and aspirations many of us share and the creation of a Delt Success School, a Delt referral Network, Practice Opportunities, Regional Gatherings and a Representative Assembly for an Annual Convention of our brothers as a way of knowing about issues around the world in chiropractic.

I have the honor and privilege of being a part of an organization, which has been in existence more than 100 years, and has, and continues to make a difference in our profession.

With the bond of brotherhood there is no limit to what we can accomplish.  I would like to thank those brothers who have lead the way through all these years and to thank those brothers who have been of service to the fraternity we love.  Thank you for being a part of the world of Delta Sigma Chi.